The Team

William M. Davis

Dr. William M. Davis is the founder and president of TriadES.  He is a chemist with over 30 years experience in the environmental field.  His experience includes fate and transport of contaminants, development and implementation of environmental analytical techniques, both laboratory and field methods.

Dr. Davis was formerly a Research Chemist with the Ecosystem Processes and Effects Branch, Environmental Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station (WES).  He was a principal investigator in the Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System (SCAPS) Program developing sensors for in situ detection of petroleum contamination, explosives and volatile organic compounds in both soil and groundwater.   Through the SCAPS program, Dr. Davis participated in the development of the DOE Expedited Site Characterization program and the development of the ASTM Expedited Site Characterization standards.  During his tenure with the COE, Dr. Davis was a founding member of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC).


Mary Davis

Dr. Mary Davis is the Vice-President for Development.  She heads up office operations and human resources for the company.  She is responsible for developing the TriadES strategic business plan and working to keep TriadES focused on quality service in an expanding market.

In addition to her work with TriadES operations, Mary works for TriadES as an ecosystem ecologist with technical expertise in southeastern aquatic habitats. Her professional services include scientific and outreach resources on environmental flows, coalition and network development and implementation, conservation and programmatic strategic planning, and instruction. Mary’s areas of interest focus on natural hydrologic regimes of freshwater aquatic habitats and include instream flow requirements and riverine ecosystem functions.


Christopher Horrell

Christopher Horrell is a Senior Project Chemist for TriadES. Mr. Horrell has been working in laboratory settings for 23 years, in both the private and academic sectors. Areas include environmental analyses of hazardous waste and mixed waste samples (spectroscopy, radiochemistry, gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy), materials science, genomics (biotechnology, molecular biology bench techniques, and in silico data analysis), and animal model brain research (molecular biology, histology).


Christopher Antworth

Mr. Christopher Antworth is Senior Scientist at Triad Environmental Solutions, Inc. He is a chemist with 30 years experience in laboratory and field scale research, and in hazardous waste site remedial investigations. His research experience spans academia, federal government and during the last decade, the private sector.

Prior to joining TriadES, Mr. Antworth served as the Principal Scientist on the investigation of over 30 field sites. Included were investigation of hydraulics, surface and subsurface hydrologic conditions and water quality assessments in coastal and wetland environments and application of expedited site characterization (the Triad approach) to large-scale, complex, hazardous waste sites which served the needs of government and private sector clients.

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