Three Phase Investigation™ Leads to Rapid Indoor Air Mitigation

Triad Environmental Solutions, Inc. (TriadES) co-lead a high resolution site characterization at a former audio manufacturing facility.  The approximately 10 acre building had been vacant for over two years due to significant vapor intrusion into indoor air.  Triad ES responsibilities included planning, field execution and final report preparation.  

The project was executed using Three Phase Investigation™ developed by TriadES.  The PCE source, associated dissolved phase plume and vapor intrusion were investigated in a single deployment.  One of the advantages of the DSITMS and US EPA Method 8265 is the ability to rapidly change between samples introduction modes allowing the analyst to switch from soil and groundwater analysis to vapor analysis in under ten minutes.  During a 15 day deployment, TriadES analyzed 141 vapor samples including 49 indoor air samples and 92 sub-slab vapor samples.  Also during the 15 day deployment, TriadES analyzed 484 groundwater and 515 soil samples.  Using the Triad approach, the source, plume and vapor intrusion pathways were accurately characterized.  The sub-slab and indoor air data were used within one month of collection to design and install a vapor mitigation system that controlled the vapor intrusion into the building.

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