Coordinated Investigation of Three Dry Cleaner Sites in a Single Deployment Reduces Project Time and Cost

Triad Environmental Solutions, Inc. (TriadES) provided high resolution site characterization support for the investigation of three former dry cleaner sites all within a four mile radius.  

TriadES was a co-lead on the project including planning, field execution and final report preparation.  The project was executed using Three Phase Investigation™ developed by TriadES.  The PCE source, associated dissolved phase plume and vapor intrusion were investigated in a single deployment.   Two DPT sampling rigs were used to provide the soil, GW and shallow soil vapor samples for EPA Method 8265 analysis.

Due to sample efficiency and the extremely rapid sample turnaround provided by the DSITMS, the project was completed in 10 days instead of the planned 15.  A total of 272 soil samples, 283 groundwater samples and 85 vapor samples were analyzed during this period. The 10 day Three Phase Investigation™ using the DSITMS provided a better understanding of each site than all the previous years of investigations.

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