Triad Services

Turnkey Triad Site Characterization

Triad Environmental Solutions, Inc. (TriadES) provides Turnkey Triad Site Characterization services that manage uncertainty in contaminated property site remediation.

Uncertainty management in environmental decisions is the basis of the US EPA Triad Approach.  This is accomplished by systematic planning, real-time, high density data and on-site decision making.  The approach addresses the largest uncertainty in environmental investigations: subsurface heterogeneity.



Turnkey Triad Site Characterization carries projects from conception to completion and includes:

  • Systematic planning with stake holder participation
  • Dynamic work plan development
  • State of the art real-time data collection
  • Real-time data management and communications
  • Final reporting

With our experience and strategic partners, TriadES provides our clients with the most cost effective solutions.  Our clients realize significant time and cost savings due to the increased success of remediation based on our site characterizations and final characterization conceptual site models.

Dr. William M. Davis, the founder and president of TriadES, is an original participant in the development of the US DOE Expedited Site Characterization program and the US EPA Triad Approach.

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